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My Picture I have lived in Northwest Ohio for my entire life. Before coming to Four County, I went to Fairview . While I was there, I was an all A student and excelled at school. I came to Four County to learn more about game design and hopefully get a career in it. I am currently in Mr Geiger's class. Below is a game i made in said class


I enjoy playing Pokemon Showdown . It is a competitive pokemon game with an extremely complex battle system. I also enjoy collecting. My collections include Pokemon Cards, Funko Pops, and Comic Books. I have probably put a couple hundred dollars into each collection. Lastly, legos are a favorite hobby of mine. I enjoy building and taking apart models, and making contraptions.


I hope to learn more about different programming languages this to eventually become a game designer. This is a goal of mine because I love to imagine what my dream game would be, and it would be amazing to have that dream come to life. I hope you enjoyed my website, come visit again soon.

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